Work for a Purpose, Not a Paycheck

42308436_sTake a moment to reflect back upon your entire working career. What positions have you held? Which job was your favorite position? Was it the job that paid the most? Maybe not!

My parents would be the first to tell you that I have always enjoyed going to work. In fact, I enjoy working as much as I enjoy being at home or on vacation. If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to leave a comment, and my mother will be happy to respond.

My motivation for working has always been greater than any paycheck. I believe that the work I have performed each day makes a difference. Yes, that even included a part-time job in high school when I worked as a telemarketer selling carpet cleaning services. I also believe that many of my happiest moments in life are a direct result of the people I work with, my commitment and desire for responsibility, and my need to want to help others and businesses succeed.

Over the past several months, I have encountered new challenges, uncertainties, and even some surprises. How I react to circumstances that are completely out of my control is up to me. What has kept me motivated and focused during this time period has been my desire to continue to work with a purpose and to have a positive impact.

Abundant opportunities surround each of us in the world today. Tap into those opportunities. If opportunities are not there, create them!

My deliberate and purposeful decision to be an executive assistant, college educator, trainer, business owner, and writer has led me down an incredible path filled with personal and professional growth, lifelong friendships, and exciting opportunities.

Let’s work each day for a purpose, not a paycheck! Life becomes sweeter when you love to go to work, and somebody is willing to pay you for it.


  1. Stacy, you are not alone. My family would say the same thing about me. I get satisfaction when working. It’s what I learn, the people I meet and help, the challenges, the lessons learned, and the sense of accomplishment. Thanks for the moment to reflect.

  2. i have had jobs to pay the bills. I have had jobs that I thought I would love and ended up hating them. Then I learned if I was a partnered my skills, talents and had a purpose it was then I found that no matter what job I chose it was the “best” job I ever had.

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