Why Not Stand Out?

There are millions of administrative professionals throughout the world doing what you do each day. Are you pushing yourself to stand out to become indispensable?  Or are you settling to blend in with the others in your office or perhaps even worse desiring to go unnoticed?

What projects, tasks, programs, or relationships are you driving forward each day in your workplace? What did you make happen yesterday?  What did you make happen today?  What more can you still make happen today before your workday end?  Seek the desire to live each day in a forward motion.

Get personal! Create success by creating value for others. The more value you can offer to your boss, your employer, and your clients and customers the more you will receive in return. Don’t expect the return on this investment to be a bigger paycheck, a paid day off from work, or a bonus.  Rather expect something that far exceeds a one-time offer.  When you make the choice to invest in creating value, the reward is truly unimaginable.

I don’t believe dreams are only to be lived when we are asleep and resting. I believe with courage and persistence (good timing and little luck), we can each chase our dreams and make them a reality.

I have always viewed my role as an administrative professional to be endless. There are just so many opportunities within the career choice.  However, to truly become an indispensable administrative professional and stand out, you need to do the hard work.  What exactly is the hard work?  You need to offer ideas.  You need to face conflict, not run from it.  You need experience, knowledge, and time to hone your skills.  You need confidence, which cannot be purchased from Amazon and at times takes years to become the person you desire to be.  You need the desire and ability to connect with others and not just a few close friends.  Your resources as an assistant are invaluable when you need to make the impossible possible.

As you review your goals for 2017, what will you include to help you stand out among the millions doing the work you do each day? For me, I have created and planned a year that will increase opportunities, leverage the resources I do have, and contribute to a purpose greater than myself.  Who is going to hold me accountable?  Me, a few friends, and a wonderful sister Jennifer will make this new journey worthwhile!  Let’s work together to make 2017 the best year ever!