Why I Work . . .

Why I work2Why do I work? I was born into a family of love, not money. Out of necessity I work, and I work by choice as an administrative professional.  I love what I do.  Don’t you?

For most working professionals, we will spend more time at work than at home. Our workplace will become our second home, and our coworkers will become our extended family.  The decision about what we do for a career, who we work for, and who we work with is important.  In fact, these decisions are critical to our overall happiness and success.

Do not make the mistake of giving your happiness away and looking back on your career with regret.

You can and should have a great career. Don’t let anyone allow you to think otherwise. The career possibilities in front of each and every one of us are endless.  I absolutely believe that!

Perhaps too many of us lose sight of or are never committed to finding a career that is truly meaningful. For others, choices and sometimes circumstances beyond our control limit us in pursuing our dreams.  Therefore, jobs are selected and worked at day by day and year by year with little fulfillment.

How you perceive your career is greatly determined by you! I believe that administrative professionals hold key positions throughout business and government that make a difference and influence decisions in our world today.

Being an administrative professional engages my brain and my heart. I love the work, and I love the people I’m able to serve.  You really cannot lose if you put your heart into the work you do each day.

My journey toward a great career as an administrative professional has been strategic, deliberate, and filled with endless possibilities. I would describe my career as an administrative professional as fulfilling and fun.

Each day I appreciate and focus on what I do have, not what is missing. When I focus on what I don’t have, I’m not working and living at my best.  I believe that life is too short to not find fulfillment in a career that can be enjoyed.  Mark Twain said: “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”  I want to go to work each day with the same anticipation and excitement that I would feel going on a vacation.  How do you feel about your vocation?

Many have asked why I care so much about the profession of the administrative professional. The answer is quite simple.  As I reflect on my life and ponder what is most important to me (values, beliefs, family, and friendships), these aspects will always rise to the top.  Yet my commitment to support others in a profession that at times can be challenging, exhausting, and selfless is real to me!  I care about our individual and collective successes.  May we each work hard to nurture our careers and those that surround us.


  1. Stacy: I work for a non-profit organization with some of the greatest leaders anywhere. Their values of commitment, caring & excellence fit right in with mine. I am surrounded by co-workers who share the same values & it makes coming to work a joy. We all support each other & do whatever it takes as a team to get the job done. No matter how challenging or stressful the day may be, being an Executive Assistant is what I love doing!

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