What Is Your Dream Job?

47553316_sIt took 42 years, but on Saturday, November 21, 2015,  I was sent to high school detention (AKA Saturday School.)  And for what?  To share my insights into career development for 1 ½ – 2 hours with high school students.

During our morning instruction and discussion, I provided each student with a worksheet and asked the students to identify their dream job.  I also asked each student to write answers to the questions on the worksheet.  Some of those questions included:

  • What is the job title/position of your dream job?
  • What city, state, or country do you see yourself living in?
  • What responsibilities would you hold in this dream job?
  • What training, special skills, and/or education would be required for this dream job?
  • What challenges would you face in this dream job?
  • Why would you enjoy this dream job?  What would be rewarding?
  • What would your dream job pay you annually?
  • What steps would you need to take to make this dream job become your reality?

Many students shared exciting dream jobs such as music producer, professional football or baseball player, and working in forensics.  However, I was surprised by the number of students who struggled to identify a dream job.  Why is that?  Is there a lack of exposure and discussion in schools and home related to career possibilities?  Is there a lack of confidence or motivation to work?

If we don’t take the time to dream and reflect upon our future, how can we identify the steps we need to take to make our dream job become our reality?

What is your dream job?  Where would you live?  Where would you work?  Describe a typical day.  What kind of income would you make?  What is holding you back from obtaining your dream job?

For over two decades, I have worked as an administrative professional.  It is my dream job!  For 16 years, I worked as a college educator.  It was my other dream job!  And I am not done dreaming!  I launched a blog.  I co-founded Admin to Admin.  Even after these accomplishments, I am still dreaming!

I believe that when we choose a career we are passionate and enthusiastic about, align our strengths and skills, strengthen our weaknesses, face fear, take risks, and commit, more often than not we can obtain our dream job.

Don’t be afraid to dream BIG.  Dream bold dreams, but also be realistic.  Here are some tips to help you discover your dream job:

  • Research all the career possibilities by visiting a local library, conducting online research, and talking with others.
  • Dream beyond the careers that exist even today.
  • Talk with individuals who are currently working in your dream job.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Take written or online self-assessments to help guide you in your career exploration.

Don’t be afraid to work hard and go the extra distance to enjoy the career you really want.  Dreams are not just a series of thoughts and images that race through your mind while you are asleep or daydreaming.  Dreams can and do become reality.  Make your dreams become your reality by identifying and working towards your dream job today!

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