TheLadders: A Resource for Your Career

LaddersIt wasn’t until recently that I learned about the career resource TheLadders. This resource can help grow your career.  The following blog post has been provided for your benefit. Check it out! 

TheLadders is the ally of happy, successful careers. Their services are designed to put professionals back in the driver seat, providing them with the right tools, insights, and connections they need to thrive. Up for a promotion? They are here to support with best-in-class salary insights and negotiating tips. Looking to change jobs? They will leverage recruiters’ search patterns to get an ‘Inside Lead’ on exclusive job listings—often before they’re even posted. No matter what stage professionals are at, TheLadders is dedicated to assisting them in any way possible.

TheLadders was founded in 2003 on a simple mission: Create a community that helps job seekers and employers connect to fill $100K+ jobs. Since then, the company has expanded to provide reliable tools, services and insights to help all professionals, at all stages of their careers succeed. Now used by more than 8 million professionals and 95,000 employers nationwide, TheLadders offers a growing suite of best-in-class products, including:

Find a New Job. TheLadders wants job seekers to save time and take the anxiety out of their search. The new Career Search section is a great resource for job seekers of all different backgrounds. This section includes a job heat map showing where the high demand and high level pay jobs align. The map includes real-time insights for over 2,000 job titles.

Improve Your Career. TheLadders Advice section is extremely active providing in-depth, user-generated data points to help professionals get what they want—whether it’s a raise at their current job or just a better understanding of where they stand in the job market and what their next move should be.  TheLadders publish on a myriad of topics and are constantly evolving the advice to meets the needs of today’s jobseekers.

Inside Leads.  TheLadders offers access to exclusive, potentially unlisted opportunities from active recruiters. The most relevant jobs are available the minute they’re posted so jobseekers can apply. Opportunities are available from over 85,000 recruiters searching for candidates looking to improve career prospects with access to industry insights.

Follow Your Path. TheLadders recently launched the Majors page giving detailed information about jobs and salaries related to specific college majors with feedback from professionals with the degree. This tool allows users to look at different paths their career could take. Whether the user is looking to major in Accounting or Zoology, the Majors section can show them information on prospective job titles and salaries.

TheLadders’ services have been revamped recently and the services are as innovative as ever. One thing that did not and will not change is their commitment to the jobseeker. They are here to help jobseekers get a job, achieve their dreams and go for that $25 steak when they really want it. The tools and sections added help users whether they are looking for what major to choose or the next step in their career trajectory. The company is committed to becoming the #1 resource on the Internet for all things career related. TheLadders is here ready to help. Start climbing!