The Value of Membership in Professional Organizations

34123188_sAre you aware of the many professional organizations around the globe available for administrative professionals to certify skills, acquire education, receive recognition, participate in leadership roles, and engage in networking opportunities?

If so, what professional organizations do you belong to?  If not, Lucy Brazier, Publisher/Editor/CEO of Executive Secretary Magazine, offers a comprehensive listing of administrative professional organizations on the Executive Secretary Magazine website. Check it out!

Here are a few reasons to consider becoming a member of a professional organization:

  • Administrative professionals with larger networks have more resources available to help them in meeting the demands of daily requests.
  • Professional organizations offer education through Webinars and conferences throughout the year, mentoring opportunities, and certification.
  • Joining a professional organization is a great addition to a resume and signals to an employer that you are career-minded and stay connected to your profession.
  • Professional organizations provide opportunities for personal development by getting involved and participating in leadership opportunities, committees, and local events.
  • Administrative professionals who join professional organizations have access to job boards, online forums, publications, and much more!

Each administrative professional organization offers something unique and different while sharing many of the same similarities and common goals to enrich the life of the career-minded administrative professional.  Annual dues can range in price from zero dollars to hundreds of dollars per year.

Professional organizations count on YOU and ME to pay annual dues, participate in educational offerings, and to acquire certifications so that these organizations can continue to provide us opportunities to grow our careers as administrative professionals.

As an advocate for the administrative professional career and a long-time supporter of professional organizations, I am an active member of several professional associations. Without our membership and participation, professional organizations cannot exist. The return-on-investment (ROI) in belonging to a professional organization can be priceless when members choose to participate in what is being offered.

Over the years, I have met amazing, remarkable professionals through my active participation in professional organizations, and some of these individuals have become some of my very best friends! I have acquired the CAP-OM certification designation through IAAP and have had the opportunity to serve in a variety of leadership roles. I have traveled to attend educational conferences in Texas, Arizona, Oregon, California, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Colorado, Nevada, and more. As a result of expanding my professional network, I have helped others to secure employment, raised money for professional and personal causes, provided and received encouragement and support, gained new resources, learned and shared tips and tricks, etc.

If you are not yet a member of a professional organization, make the decision today to investigate the benefits, select an organization that fits your needs, and begin connecting with other administrative professionals worldwide.  Joining IAAP, AEAP, ASAP, and other professional organizations is one of the BEST decisions I have made to advance my career and grow my network.