The Salary of the Administrative Professional

PaycheckShould you discuss your salary with your coworkers? Probably not. Most people tend to avoid the topic of salary either because it is against company policy or people are afraid of hurting the feelings of coworkers. Few private companies are transparent in what they pay their employees.

Do you know the latest compensation trends for administrative professionals? If not, OfficeTeam has prepared The 2015 Administrative Salary Guide for you to use as a reference. The 2015 Administrative Salary Guide is an informative publication filled with helpful information to help guide businesses and administrative professionals to understand the latest compensation trends.

For businesses to recruit and retain quality employees, businesses need to research similar positions within the region and offer a competitive salary. Salary is one of the deciding factors for accepting a new position or staying with a current employer. However, research has shown that salary alone does not retain employees and ensure happiness at work.

What is the value you bring to an employer? Are you learning new skills? Are you advancing your education? Are you carrying out the exact same responsibilities as last year? Your value is measured by the contributions you make daily to help your employer remain competitive in today’s business world.

Why is it important for administrative professionals to know their worth and negotiate their salary? Administrative professionals who choose to accept a position for $10,000 less per year will earn $200,000 less over a 20-year-period-of-time. That is a significant loss in income.

Interested in learning what employers pay in your region? Here are a few websites to assist you in verifying salaries:—A website designed to show what thousands of employers are paying their employees.—A website designed for you to research pay for positions in your region.—A website designed to help you identify your worth in the workplace.

Motivational Speaker Jon Rohn said, “You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” What value do you bring to the hour? There are no guarantees in life. To remain indispensable to employers, administrative professionals must continue to prove their value daily.





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