The Business Card: An Extension of You

17260891_sThe business card is an extension of one’s professional life.  It offers information for business acquaintances to reach you.  The business card communicates your name, company, position, and contact information.  This information is critical and is often times used later to identify and remember you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t have a business card at your fingertips?  In those unexpected moments, many scramble for a piece of paper or even a napkin to write down their contact information.  Try avoiding being in a position where you don’t have a business card by keeping a few business cards with you at all times.

It’s best to buy a quality business card case to keep your business cards clean and in perfect condition.  Keeping your business cards in your wallet or purse over time can damage the card.

When creating and printing your business card, always pay close attention to the details:  paper quality, color, font size, text, images, and quality of printing.  These factors are all important when wanting to leave a business acquaintance with a positive impression of you and/or your company.

Here are a few tips for creating your business cards:

  • Choose a high-quality paper stock
  • Make sure your name is easily readable
  • Ensure you have the right information on the card
  • Select a font size that is easy to read
  • Choose colors carefully
  • Ensure your business card is error-free

Emily Post offers some great tips on the social side of business when sharing your business card.

Business cards are typically exchanged during the start of a conversation or the beginning of a meeting.  When business cards are exchanged, take this opportunity to review the the business card briefly and refer to the person’s name during the initial conversation.

Should you write on someone else’s business card?  No.  Business cards should not be thought of as a notepad.  If you need to write additional information on the card, either ask permission of the business acquaintance or write your notes when you are no longer in view of the business acquaintance.

Take a moment to review your own business card today.  Is it time for you to redesign your business card?  Add missing information?  Correct outdated information?

Remember, your business card is an extension of YOU!  Take time to ensure that it reflects the image you desire!


  1. If I may add to this Stacy; for those of us that are between positions, this is equally vital as we are also “professionals”. I immediately created a card when my last job ended to be used for networking and so on. I use a tent-style card (from Avery) and on the inside I have printed a mini-resume (bullet points of qualifications). My basic info is on the front (I use the title Administrative Professional) and my mission statement/objective is on the back. Hope this is helpful, Marti

  2. I might also add that for entrepreneurs it can also be an extension of your business. It will reflect your brand. So make sure you consider that in the design process as well.

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