Take Your Work Partnership to the Next Level!

Ted and StacyI’m delighted to have been asked by OfficeTeam, the leading staffing agency specializing in placing highly skilled administrative professionals, to be a contributor on their corporate blog site.  Specifically, I was asked to write about my 10-year work partnership with Ted Gaebler, retired CEO/City Manager for the City of Rancho Cordova, California.  The article is titled “My Advice from an Admin: How You Can Improve Collaboration With Your Boss.” 

Work partnerships are critical to today’s workplace. It’s my belief that the CEO/Manager and administrative professional work partnership is one of the most important work partnerships that exist in business today. Today’s most effective work partnerships are team-oriented and collaborative as compared to the older more traditional model of an unbalanced work relationship.

If you haven’t already read Building A Partnership With Your Boss  by Jerry Wisinski, I would definitely recommend reading this informative book filled with great advice and ideas on how to build and strengthen your work partnerships. I have loaned this book to more executives, managers, and administrative professionals than any other book I own.

Building a successful work partnership doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time, lots of ongoing open and honest communication, and commitment. This relationship should be treated no differently than any other relationship with a close family member or friend. In fact, daily business can suffer as a result of two key organizational positions not being in sync with one another.

I am most grateful for the amazing leaders and managers that I have supported over the years. Each of them has taught me something different, and I’m excited to share those insights with you over time in “A Great Day’s Work.”


  1. A topic very near and dear to my heart. Thanks again for sharing your PP with me. CM John R. Gillison and I were supposed to present at Cucamonga Valley on April 30th; unfortunately that was the day the Etiwanda fire broke! We’ve rescheduled to June but I wanted you know that just doing the PP helped improve our relationship and I’m really looking forward to presenting it in June!

    So, my hat’s off to you for starting something truly beneficial for all of us, and now expanding on it! You make us shine!!

    P.S. Can’t wait to read that book. . .

  2. Stacy,
    I’m loving your blog posts! I absolutely agree about your comment that “Building A Partnership With Your Boss” is a fabulous book. I’ve read other books about partnering with your boss and this by far is the best! You are brave to loan out your book…I’m not so generous…I haven’t loaned my copy of the book yet! This book is a must for Admins. And congrats on your 10 years with your exec!

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