Stand Tall and Step Forward

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We have the opportunity and responsibility to be involved in a variety of communities that impact our world today.  What community resonates with your heart?

I have a deep appreciation for leaders who choose to serve in public office to support local, regional, state, and national governance.  I care about the participation, engagement, and leadership within associations, churches, non-profit organizations, businesses, and governments.  I admire individuals who look beyond what they can receive to focus on what they can give.  I am thankful for people who choose to give of their time and resources to support good causes, events, and have a positive impact in the world we live in.

You and I live in a chaotic world that needs our attention now more than ever!  Global and local disturbances whether they be climate or man-made disasters affect our well being and sense of security.  As a society, have we become content with chaos?  With the abundance of information available to us today, is it someone else’s responsibility to fix community challenges?  NO!  It is OUR responsibility and duty to step forward and be compelled to want to make the world a better place to live.

Please consider:

  • Disrupting yourself from electronics more regularly to focus on the people in your life that matter most and to focus on areas of interest that need your attention.
  • Serving in volunteer and leadership roles to help support and lead causes that will have a positive impact on humanity.
  • Taking better care of the body you have been given so it will serve you better and bless the lives of those around you.

Over the past several months, my day-to-day responsibilities have grown as I have said, “yes” to new and ongoing commitments.  To make room for these commitments, I have had to make deliberate choices related to how I spend my time.  I have eliminated many timewasters in my life and have worked hard to re-align my priorities to my values.  My desire to connect with my family and friends, stay healthy, support my employer and local community, be an advocate for my chosen profession, promote education, and travel the globe helps to keep me focused on what is most important to me.

As we look forward to watching or participating in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, may we remember the hard work, commitment, and sacrifice made by many athletes who have pushed their limits to become the very best they can be.  I believe many of us are capable of doing great things!  Are we maximizing our potential?

Lastly, may we each feel compelled to re-examine our own lives and explore how we can magnify our passions, skills, and talents to have a greater impact within our sphere of influence.  Life is to be cherished.  Working together we can improve the communities that make up our world.