Make the Right Daily Choices

52179501_sLife is hard. In fact, life can be really, really hard.  What’s important is that we try and then try a little harder to move through life’s challenges.

The good news is that our days are filled with choices—our choices.  Are you taking action and making the right daily choices to ensure that you enjoy a satisfying life?  If not, what is stopping you?

Today is the start of a new day! Today you have the opportunity to choose what you will do and who and what will occupy your time.  Perhaps you can start something new.  Perhaps you can let go of something that is holding you back.  Consider the possibility of committing to refocusing on what matters most to you as you evaluate your overall happiness and well-being.  Choose to make you a priority.  Do things that make you smile!

Take responsibility for your health, relationships, career, and spiritual wellness. Invest time to enjoy hobbies, the outdoors, and to be engaged in good causes.  Ignore thoughts of doubt and the desire to remain idle.  Look forward!  Life is too short to hold yourself back.  There really are no limits only those you set for yourself.

If life changes are necessary and on the horizon, embrace them. Change can be hard, but you can do hard things.  What will sustain you during the change?  Your attitude is your “best” weapon.  Attitude creates your reality so be hopeful.

Over the last 24 months, life has presented me with a few unforeseen detours that were not within sight or my control. Over time, I began to see these detours as opportunities.  There were opportunities to learn something new, make different contributions, and meet new people.  It takes deliberate thinking, action, and courage to not live in the past and to take the necessary steps to move forward.

Be courageous!  Do not allow fear to hold you back from becoming the person you were meant to become. Make the right daily choices and learn to embrace change while giving yourself permission to dream big keeping in mind your capabilities and your limitations.  Take time to push boundaries and to explore life’s possibilities.  By making the right daily choices you are investing in your future happiness.  Denis Waitley said, “There are two primary choices in life:  to accept conditions as they exist, or accept responsibility for changing them.”




  1. This post was quite motivational and a good reminder of how we should look at life and embrace every opportunity each day.

  2. Thank you Stacey for a post that hit exactly what I’m feeling and doing…and getting ready to do. I’m about to make a huge life change. Scary-yes; exciting-yes; but I know for my own well-being its the right choice at this time in my life. I’m printing this to post on my mirror at home to remind me that I’m the only one that can make the choices and changes if I want my life to be different.

  3. Stacy,

    Your posts are always so timely. Almost as though you are looking inside my mind. Keep it up super star.

  4. Stacy — Wow! That was inspiring! You have a special gift that I hope you keep sharing. This must be shared!

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