Enjoy More than Friday!

13002952_mMany people go through the motions of going to work each day only to look forward to Friday or the weekend.

It does not matter which day of the week it is. I love every day Sunday through Saturday! Why?  Because the outcome of each day is up to me, and I “choose” to have a great day every day!

Our work as administrative professionals is critically important to the day-to-day operations of government and business. I know this, and I hope you do, too!  Going to work is not something I dread nor should you.  Great satisfaction can be derived from working for a good employer and supporting executives and managers that value our contributions, building strong relationships with colleagues, nurturing friendships in the workplace, and doing work we enjoy.

My passion and commitment to serve and to help people succeed is what helps me spring out of bed in the morning and want to go into work. It is what motivates me to support the elected officials, executive, and managers that I work with each day.

How we feel toward our employer, bosses, co-workers, and our work impacts our overall health, happiness, and how we treat others. Our passion and purpose toward the work we do as administrative professionals is critical and cannot be learned by reading a textbook or attending a course.

If you are not feeling connected to your employer, executive/manager, or the work you do, change it! You have the power to “lean in” to your work career or you can make a change.

Embrace your career. Change your perspective if necessary.  Make a career move (not blindly and with some planning of course) to change your employment situation if you are unhappy.  Success takes effort—your effort.  Stop making excuses and start doing.  It’s not enough to simply want something.  You have to do something and then hold yourself accountable.

I’m in love with my Monday through Friday work life. I am grateful for an employer who pays me to come to work (with occasional work assignments in the evenings or over the weekends) in exchange for my time and provides me the financial resources to manage my day-to-day living and save for my future retirement. I’m also in love with Saturday and Sunday as I am grateful to have additional time to rest, spend time with family and friends, pursue hobbies and areas of interest, and work toward dreams that will not come true unless I work at them.

Let us decide today to not work each and every day only to focus, plan, and enjoy what is to come—the weekend or eventual retirement. There are no guarantees what “tomorrow” will bring.  May we also pay attention and focus, plan, and enjoy our time at work.  One of life’s most important challenges is to maximize the “present.”  Sometimes that means struggling with a huge project, assisting others on multiple tasks, or taking care of our emotional, physical, and/or spiritual needs.  Life is precious so make the most of it!