Graduation: A Time To Celebrate!

GradI love this time of the year when children and adults are sharing in the accomplishments and hard work that lead up to high school and college graduations.  As a college graduate and educator, I have had the opportunity to attend nearly 40 graduations.  These joyful graduation celebrations are a delight not only for the graduates but for family and friends as well.

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, I had the opportunity to attend a college graduation with my colleagues and friends.  This graduation was especially memorable as it was held within the community I work and serve each day as an Executive Assistant to the City Manager’s Office for the City of Rancho Cordova.  I’m grateful for the voluntary efforts of the team that worked miracles to host a graduation ceremony for college graduates.  I’m appreciative of our elected officials, Mayor Robert McGarvey and Council Member Linda Budge, who were able to participate in the program.

Graduations bring people and families together (e.g. work families, the student body, and our own personal and extended families).  It’s a special time to be recognized for hard work, to support those who achieved their educational goals, and to give thanks to all who supported their educational journey.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of said, “Everything you are comes from your choices.”  The choice to pursue education is not always an easy choice.  In fact, this very choice comes with great sacrifice (financially, emotionally, physically, and socially) before the rewards can sometimes be reaped.

When I review online administrative professional job opportunities, I see many jobs that require a degree.  In fact, some of the job descriptions require a bachelors or masters degree.  Education opens the doors of opportunity.  I choose to seek education and think of continual learning as mandatory—not optional.  Your administrative position now may not require you to have a degree, but what are the requirements for a new position or promotional opportunity in your future?  What future opportunities are you preparing for now?  Are you preparing for a future based upon your current education and skillsets or are you preparing for a future based upon new goals and commitments?

There are many benefits to having a college degree such as:

  1. You may make more money.
  2. You may enjoy a lifetime of increased opportunities.
  3. You will increase your knowledge base.
  4. You will gain confidence.
  5. You will make new friends and expand your network.
  6. You will advance your critical thinking, time management, organizational, comprehension, note taking, leadership, and teamwork skills.
  7. You will be proud of yourself, and no one can take that feeling away!

If you are sitting on the fence wondering about whether or not to pursue a college degree or certification programs, decide now to invest in your future!  If you would like a cheerleader or supporter as you register for school, attend your first day class, or when you are in the middle of a degree program, I would like to be that cheerleader.  Email me today, and let’s connect!