Embrace Opportunities in the Workplace

opportunity-knockingToday’s administrative professional is often times asked to do more with fewer resources.  Job tasks and responsibilities that were once managed and completed by managers, executives, accounting and information technology staff, travel agents, and so forth are now being given to administrative support staff.

The duties and responsibilities of the 21st century administrative professional are varied, demanding, and complex.  Often times the work might even seem beyond our capacity.  The good news is some stresses can bring us happy exhaustion.  There is often times an excitement felt by people when they are able to meet demanding deadlines, accomplish a challenging project, confront a demanding situation, and learn something new. Happy exhaustion makes life worthwhile.  The key to a satisfying day is not achieved by relaxing by the pool and sipping a cold drink (although that sounds like heaven right now.)  Rather one of the best ways to feel satisfied at the end of the day is to have met goals and unexpected challenges while accomplishing the tasks of the day.

What can you do to create happy exhaustion in your work day?  What project could you grab hold of that would be interesting, challenging, or important?  What ideas do you have that haven’t been shared or implemented?

Let’s embrace all that we do in the workplace and view these additional responsibilities as opportunities.