Dressing for Success Made Easy!

WendiDressing for success can be important in the workplace.  You don’t just represent yourself in the workplace.  You are also an extension of your executive/manager, and you represent the company.

Several years ago I discovered Macy’s By Appointment Personal Shopping Service.  This FREE service has completely changed how I buy just about everything.  May I introduce Wendi Crump, MBA Executive at Macy’s at the Sacramento Downtown Plaza and my personal shopper.

Macy’s By Appointment is easy to use.  You simply make an appointment (appointments are available seven days a week) with a personal shopper and let your personal shopper do the rest.  Your personal shopper will want to know a few things about you such as:

  • What is your budget?
  • What do you need/want?
  • What is your style?

Wendi has been employed with Macy’s for 10 years.  Here’s how Macy’s By Appointment works.  I simply call/email/text my personal shopper what I need such as:  a jacket for a presentation, black heels, nylons, a gift for your boss or assistant, a holiday gift for a family member, a new piece of travel luggage, and so forth.  She hauls it all into a super spacious dressing room, and it’s all there when I arrive.  She saves me time, and she runs around the store for different sizing and different colors.  My job is to just stay put in my dressing room reserved for Macy’s By Appointment customers while she brings everything to me.

Macy’s has a great selection of professional attire for men and women (including petite and plus-sizes) for you to choose from within all price ranges.  They also have fabulous sales throughout the year (nearly every week) with coupons ranging from 10-25% off the regular or even sale price.  Schedule an appointment today with a Macy’s personal shopper to shop for that new suit for your next job interview or add new pieces to your existing wardrobe.   Take a moment to learn more about Macys By Appointment.

Wendi has made my shopping experience so much easier and fun. Thank you, Wendi!


  1. This was such good information. I would have ever guessed that I could get something so cool and for free. Thanks for the information Stacy!

  2. Thank you for the Macy’s By Appointment information, appears to be a great service. For the last 7 years I’ve worked as a Technician for an enforcement division. Our staff mainly wears uniforms. My manager has approved for me to wear a uniform or dress down. After wearing the uniform for so long, it has given people the impression that I want to become an officer, which is not the path I wish to take. Recently I’ve been trying to “dress for success”, & have been striving to be reclassified as an Analyst. I would like people to see me as an administrative professional, not an officer. When staff see me out of uniform they make it a point to state the obvious that I’m not in uniform & ask me why I’m all dressed up. I tell them I’m dressing for success & trying to advance my career. While I appreciate the compliments on my attire, I thought after a few months of wearing professional clothing the same people would stop asking me the same question, “What am I all dressed up for?”, but they continue to ask. I’m starting to feel embarrassed & getting discouraged about wearing anything but my uniform. Are you able to recommend any politically polite responses I can give the next time I asked the same question? Thank you for your time.

    1. Thanks for your comment and question. My advice would be to let your coworkers know that you enjoy working in an enforcement division. I would also recommend that you continue sharing your career goal of working as an Analyst. Kindly let them know you are dressing for the job you want, not the job you have.

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