Don’t Wish for a Satisfying Career, Work for It!

50243243_sIf I were given the chance to change my career, would I?  No!  Why?  Working and serving in my role as an administrative professional makes me happy.  In fact the happiness I feel in my role is somewhat magical and brings joy to my life.

Working as an administrative professional gives me the opportunity to meet new people.  It challenges me to learn new technologies.  It also stretches me to accept and seek new work assignments.  The career of the administrative professional can be far from glamorous; however, the work is necessary, diverse, and important!  Even with the challenges of scheduling meetings, managing email, participating on teams, coordinating travel, and meeting critical deadlines–it’s all worth it!

I grew up with a typewriter and taking handwritten notes. As technology advanced, I learned to use a computer and eventually took computer application classes.  Does anyone remember WordPerfect 5.1?  Oh, how technology has evolved over the years.When I was 18 years old, I enrolled in college to begin my formal secretarial training by taking such courses as: Business English, a variety of computer software and programming classes, keyboarding, finance, marketing, accounting, records management, etc.  I loved learning, and college courses provided me the solid foundation I needed to confidently secure employment as an administrative professional.  After college I developed a passion for reading.  I have continued to invest time and money on more than 300 carefully selected books written by some of the best mentors in the industry today.

Because of the changes to the administrative professional career over the years, I have learned many essential fundamentals for ongoing success such as: 1) Demonstrate a positive attitude, 2) Embrace and learn new technologies, 3) Grow and nurture a professional network, 4) Prioritize To-Do’s because the list is never ending, 5) Involve others, and 6) Celebrate successes because not everyone will see the magic behind the scenes.

I do not profess to have mastered the profession of the administrative professional as roles can be different, partnerships are unique, and working environments are not the same. It’s my lifelong journey to continue to grow and develop into the best human-being and working professional I can be by participating in Webinars, attending conferences, reading, and obtaining certifications.  Learning brings awareness, engages critical thinking skills, and allows me the opportunity to evaluate and apply new knowledge daily.

More often than I care to admit, people try to talk me out of the career I have chosen—the administrative professional. It takes confidence and courage to take a stand for the work I do and not be persuaded by what others “think” I should be doing.  May you, too, maximize your talents and skills by finding fulfillment in the career you have chosen.  Be proud of your career.  You make a difference.


  1. Wow, you and I can related to each other – would love to meet you it seems although our careers evolved in the same way – and no, I would not have done any different. Regards Janine

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