Create the Mindset and Take Action to Nurture Your Career

46391269_sHow long would you be able to live without food? Answer:  Many days.  How long would you be able to live without water?  Answer:  No more than a few days.  Water covers a good portion of the Earth and is vital to our existence.  According to Nestlé Waters, water has several functions some of which include:

  • Water carries nutrients to cells.
  • Water removes toxins.
  • Water helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Water is helpful to our joints and acts as a shock absorber.

Without water our bodies cannot perform at their best. Likewise, our careers can become “dehydrated” if we do not take the time to enrich and advance our skills and knowledge.  Fill your Professional Development Well by continuing to nurture training opportunities.

Demanding work schedules, family commitments, daily To-Do’s, and other obligations can hold professionals back from finding the time to create the mindset and take the necessary steps to strengthen and learn new skills and knowledge. What new skills have you learned recently?  What trainings do you have scheduled to attend this year?  What professional publications have you read over the last few weeks?

The best intentions in the world will lead nowhere unless there is a plan (preferably a plan that is well-thought out, captured in writing, and built around a time schedule). Therefore, creating a personal action plan focused on professional development is essential and can help to empower professionals to nurture their careers.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you create your action plan:

  • Are there new skills or knowledge you would like to strengthen or learn?
  • What steps and actions can you identify that will help you to reach the skills or knowledge identified above?
  • What professional development training opportunities will you attend this year?
  • Who can and will support you?
  • What resources (if any) do you need to be successful?
  • What is your time schedule? Without due dates, it can be challenging to hold yourself accountable.

I hope this blog post will inspire you to assess your commitment towards professional development and to maximize your career potential. As we broaden our skills and abilities through ongoing educational and training opportunities, we generally feel greater satisfaction for the work we do.  Rediscover your personal power to change your mindset and put in place the actions necessary to enjoy a satisfying career.


  1. Thanks Stacy! Great article! I need to get my action plan started! I will add to my work goals.

  2. Thank you. I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks and identified that I need to learn more about getting the most (professionally) out of social media technologies such as Twitter and LinkedIn

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