Believe In Yourself…You Are Worth It!

30615077_sIn my parent’s home there is a large Rodney White canvas print hanging in the dining area.  It reads:  We tend to seek happiness when happiness is actually a choice. (Author Unknown)  I firmly believe that life IS about choices.  Every day we get to decide and choose for ourselves if we see the glass half full or half empty.  I choose to see the glass half full by acknowledging what I do have, not what I do not have or what others perceive I should have.  I would rather live a life being true to myself every day.

Those who share my same career as an administrative professional know we have a multitude of duties to perform and worry about in the workplace (e.g. getting meetings scheduled, making travel arrangements, preparing documents, and making the impossible possible).

In a world filled with complexity, bills to pay, and families to care for, we sometimes accept jobs we know are not a good fit, salaries we cannot afford to live on, and commutes we cannot possibly make long term.  We sometimes work for bosses who undervalue our skills and abilities.  There will be times when settling for less than what we deserve cannot be avoided.  We are not always going to be in a position to get what we want in life.  People are often scared of change, taking a risk, or possible failure.  We can become quickly immobilized by the fear to leave our comfort zone and justify our actions with excuses.

We all deserve a life filled with happiness and joy.  However, it is our responsibility to create that meaningful life.  Believe in yourself and erase the self-doubts!  Take the initiative to create and seek new opportunities.  You are the captain of your ship of life.  Don’t compromise worthy goals by settling for less.  Choose to live a life with few regrets.  You are worth it!

Life is too short.  We would be better served encouraging and supporting one another than to be leading others down a path of self-doubt.  Life is unpredictable.  Life changes day by day.  Often times those changes are for the better, and dreams we thought were no longer possible become a reality—our reality.  Continue to maximize the opportunities for growth that come your way.  Define realistic goals, work hard, sacrifice, and believe in yourself!