Attitude Is A Choice We Choose Every Day

AttitudeSince February 2014, life has presented me with a series of unpredictable events: four top-level executive changes at work, an automobile accident, a loss of evening employment when my 16-year teaching career at Heald College ended after the Campus was unexpectedly closed down, new responsibilities at work, two car break-ins, changes within organizations such as IAAP, and more. The decade prior to 2014 was quiet with minimal unexpected interruptions.

At one point, I simply said to myself “Stacy, you have an opportunity here to turn what has happened into a positive over time. How can you move beyond these events and not remain stuck wondering why me?”

After I shed a few tears, I remembered that attitude is a choice we choose every day! We control it! Each day we make choices about whom we will interact with, what we will read, the thoughts that fill our mind, what words we will say, and how we spend our time. I believe our attitude can begin to form our reality during unpredictable events and changes.

Our attitude can also influence our behavior in the workplace.  Personally, I have never wanted to be a “negative pill” at work—someone who dislikes her job, works for only a paycheck, whines and complains, and radiates negative energy.  I prefer to embrace my work day and career with a smile, confidence, and desire to help others.

Last week I had the opportunity to conduct a training session for three hours at the Learning Exchange in Sacramento, CA. My classroom was filled with adults interested in learning more about the career of the administrative professional. These adults were at a crossroads in their lives and were considering transitioning into an office assistant position. They could not believe my enthusiasm for my career choice! I regard it as a privilege and honor to support managers, executives, and businesses to be successful. It is an awesome responsibility to help run a day-to-day business.  I hope we can each encourage more adults to explore the career choice of the administrative professional.  Businesses and governments need us!

We get one chance at this blessing called “life.” If a few lemons come your way, make lemonade! We also cannot control every aspect of our lives, but we can control our attitude toward the change and challenges that come our way. Wade Boggs once wrote: “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, and it sparks extraordinary results.”



  1. Aloha Stacy,
    I absolutely agree! I live my life SMILING through PAIN. I am often asked by people who know me (or even those who are just getting to know me) “How do you do it?” My reply is simple “It is not worth my, or anyone’s time to dwell on the negative energy flowing in and through my life”
    It is very hard to remember that when I’m alone and my personal life is “out of whack”. Being a single mother of 4, they often see the frustrated “ugly” me. I MORE than OFTEN need to remind myself that my Babies are just as deserving (if not MORE) of this Good Attitude as my co-workers and strangers.
    Marcie Dasalla
    BUSN164 – Hawaii Community College

  2. I really like your sentence “I prefer to embrace my work day and career with a smile, confidence, and desire to help others.”

    I have been going through some tough times the last year, losing my job and trying to find a new one is hard and can bring your down. I have a job now and trying to do my best at it until something that opportunity that sounds challenging and exciting presents itself. For now, I arrive at work with a positive attitude, a smile and a willingness to help others in the office.

    1. Debbie, thanks for the comment. Continue to share with friends and family that you are looking for a different opportunity. Wishing you the very, very best in your job search. Keep that positive attitude and smile!

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