The Administrative Professional Career

Love what you doImagine a career where you could make minimum wage, six figures, or anything in between. Imagine spending your day influencing and working side-by-side decision makers, extraordinary leaders, celebrities, CEOs, and managers. Imagine a career rich in history dating back to the sixteenth century. Imagine wanting to give your greatest attention to your work because what you do is important. What if I told you that one of the most important, critical, and fun careers is…drum roll please…the administrative professional.

All over the world, millions of people are doing exactly what you do: scheduling meetings, answering emails and phone calls, using technology to be as productive as possible, and handling the day-to-day administrative tasks in an office. Your business card might read legal secretary, office clerk, celebrity assistant, personal assistant, executive assistant, clerical assistant, office assistant, customer service specialist, administrative assistant, office manager or some other title, but you and I both know who is behind the curtain pulling all the magic levers. It’s not “The Great Oz.”

The role of today’s 21st century administrative professional has no limits–only those you set for yourself! You can choose to run in the circles of the rich and famous, work for a multi-billion dollar company, work for a small family-owned business, or anything in between. What is most intriguing about this career is that administrative professionals are needed in nearly every industry, e.g., government, fashion, technology, recreation, banking, insurance, healthcare, education, or non-profit. Why not connect your skills to an industry you are passionate about? Increase your chances for greater happiness in the workplace by connecting yourself to an industry that excites you.

Being an administrative professional in today’s 21st century is an amazing career choice with so many possibilities. Do you believe that? I do. Don’t sabotage your success by thinking what you do isn’t important or vital to the organization. It is up to you to change your way of thinking, to change how you see yourself, and to change how others see you.

I want to invite administrative professionals from around the globe to stop waiting for someone else’s permission, resources, or the perfect time to develop and increase their skills, education, and career potential. There is no perfect time. The time is now!  Take ownership!  Invest in your career and future today.  Aim high and then higher.

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