Creating the Perfect Home Office to Increase Productivity

20140626_102816Over the years, I have spent countless hours in my home office taking online classes, checking email, working, researching something on the Web, grading papers, preparing lesson plans, creating presentations, and now blogging. This year I reached out to Kerrie Kelly and Katie Tomlinson, Interior Designers at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, to help me refresh and revive this important room in my home. We’re adding fresh paint, fun colors, an inspiration wall, fun fabric, better lighting, and more to increase my productivity, creativity, and happiness while I’m working through my To Do List.

The following narrative represents ideas from Kerrie Kelly on how to create a “perfect home office.”

The line between working in and living in our homes has become less distinct. More and more people want to have a home office, whether it’s a simple space for taking care of household business, a spot for the inevitable papers and projects that make their way home from the office, or a dedicated spot for a full-time business. Continue reading “Creating the Perfect Home Office to Increase Productivity”

Truth or Dare?


Truth…I started a blog called “A Great Day’s Work” because I wanted to work from home and be my own boss.  Guess what?  I did just that!  You know why?  I believe I can.  I believe in me.  I know I can do it.

Truth…I believe there really are enough hours in the day if we focus on what is truly important to us, gather support, have a plan, and limit the timewasters.  Because I believe in this theory, I’m creating “A Great Day’s Work.”

Truth…I deeply care about helping businesses and individuals to succeed in the workplace.  I want to help YOU reach your potential as an administrative professional.  I want to help YOU reach your potential as someone who uses or should be using an administrative professional. Continue reading “Truth or Dare?”