Make the Right Daily Choices

52179501_sLife is hard. In fact, life can be really, really hard.  What’s important is that we try and then try a little harder to move through life’s challenges.

The good news is that our days are filled with choices—our choices.  Are you taking action and making the right daily choices to ensure that you enjoy a satisfying life?  If not, what is stopping you?

Today is the start of a new day! Today you have the opportunity to choose what you will do and who and what will occupy your time.  Perhaps you can start something new.  Perhaps you can let go of something that is holding you back.  Consider the possibility of committing to refocusing on what matters most to you as you evaluate your overall happiness and well-being.  Choose to make you a priority.  Do things that make you smile! Continue reading “Make the Right Daily Choices”

Don’t Wish for a Satisfying Career, Work for It!

50243243_sIf I were given the chance to change my career, would I?  No!  Why?  Working and serving in my role as an administrative professional makes me happy.  In fact the happiness I feel in my role is somewhat magical and brings joy to my life.

Working as an administrative professional gives me the opportunity to meet new people.  It challenges me to learn new technologies.  It also stretches me to accept and seek new work assignments.  The career of the administrative professional can be far from glamorous; however, the work is necessary, diverse, and important!  Even with the challenges of scheduling meetings, managing email, participating on teams, coordinating travel, and meeting critical deadlines–it’s all worth it!

I grew up with a typewriter and taking handwritten notes. As technology advanced, I learned to use a computer and eventually took computer application classes.  Does anyone remember WordPerfect 5.1?  Oh, how technology has evolved over the years. Continue reading “Don’t Wish for a Satisfying Career, Work for It!”

Create the Mindset and Take Action to Nurture Your Career

46391269_sHow long would you be able to live without food? Answer:  Many days.  How long would you be able to live without water?  Answer:  No more than a few days.  Water covers a good portion of the Earth and is vital to our existence.  According to Nestlé Waters, water has several functions some of which include:

  • Water carries nutrients to cells.
  • Water removes toxins.
  • Water helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Water is helpful to our joints and acts as a shock absorber.

Without water our bodies cannot perform at their best. Likewise, our careers can become “dehydrated” if we do not take the time to enrich and advance our skills and knowledge.  Fill your Professional Development Well by continuing to nurture training opportunities. Continue reading “Create the Mindset and Take Action to Nurture Your Career”

Why I Work . . .

Why I work2Why do I work? I was born into a family of love, not money. Out of necessity I work, and I work by choice as an administrative professional.  I love what I do.  Don’t you?

For most working professionals, we will spend more time at work than at home. Our workplace will become our second home, and our coworkers will become our extended family.  The decision about what we do for a career, who we work for, and who we work with is important.  In fact, these decisions are critical to our overall happiness and success. Continue reading “Why I Work . . .”

Demand the Best from Yourself Each Day

24042583_mAre you demanding the best from yourself each day?

When was the last time you set aside time to really work on your greatest asset—You!

Administrative professionals can often times lose sight of their personal and professional development when spending their days, nights, and sometimes weekends supporting and caring for others (e.g. executives, managers, family members).

Demanding more from yourself requires time, commitment, and discipline. It also requires goal setting.  It requires new habits and routines.  It requires planning.  When we better our lives, we are in a greater position to enhance the lives of those around us. Continue reading “Demand the Best from Yourself Each Day”