Work Partnerships Can Make A Difference

Partnerships can make a difference.For most of my working career, I have supported and worked for well-respected managers and CEOs. I believe that the CEO/Manager and Administrative Assistant partnership is one of the most critical partnerships in business and government today.

My decision process for establishing work partnerships has been intentional and thoughtful. In the interview process, I have asked numerous questions, made observations, and listened actively so that I could evaluate a potential new partnership. I have learned that choosing the right partner is critical for my overall career satisfaction and work performance. To be effective, I have learned to align myself with individuals who share my same values or are supportive of values that we do not share in common. Continue reading “Work Partnerships Can Make A Difference”

Indispensable Assistants: Stay Focused, Calm, and Productive

8036438_sNone of us knows how we will handle a situation until the situation is “real.”  We can plan, practice, role-play, and anticipate, but until the situation hits us head on we don’t know how we will respond as the emotion of a situation can create confusion.

Do you have a reputation in the workplace for staying calm and reassuring others when they become upset or unsettled?

Through reading leadership books and partnering with CEOs for nearly two decades, I have learned the importance of distancing myself from situations temporarily to gain perspective and to not take things so personal.  I work hard to not create or dwell in chaos by constantly trying to look ahead at the “big picture.”  I choose to be more strategic, explore different routes, and seek to find the best solution. Continue reading “Indispensable Assistants: Stay Focused, Calm, and Productive”

Hiring an Assistant: What You Need To Know

32612325_sWho you hire as an assistant is one of the most important career choices an executive or manager will make during his or her career. Why? Your assistant is in a position that can elevate or deflate your career success and the success of the business. You don’t want to hire someone exactly like you. You want to hire someone who will complement you.

Having served on dozens of interview panels over the years and being a decision maker to hire many assistants, I have thought more deeply about what is most important when hiring an assistant.  You can send any qualified applicant to a technical class to learn a software program. You can assign qualified applicants to sit down with an employee to teach them company procedures and protocol.  What strengths are the most important: critical thinking skills, fit, people skills, personality, or soft skills? Continue reading “Hiring an Assistant: What You Need To Know”

Are You Using Meetings To Get Noticed?

15404366_sWhether you are a presenter or a participant, meetings offer employees the opportunity to get noticed.  What meetings are you sitting in?  Who is sitting in those meetings?  If you have not given meeting attendance and participation careful and strategic thought, now is the time.

Meetings are a critical operation of business.  What’s interesting about meetings is that we can learn more by listening than talking.  However, if we remain silent and continue to sit in silence, our thoughts, contributions, and ideas are not shared or noticed among our co-workers.

From this point forward, I would like to encourage you to think differently about meetings. Continue reading “Are You Using Meetings To Get Noticed?”

Do You Create A Daily Plan?

6305681_xlIn today’s competitive workplace employees are being asked to produce more in less time.  Many employees are also finding themselves working longer days and even bringing work home with them.  With hectic days in the office and personal commitments outside of the office, some employees find it challenging to find the time to create a daily plan.

For years consultants have encouraged employees to take the last 10-20 minutes of their day to get organized, clean off their desks, and to plan for the next day ahead.

At the end of each day do you dash out of the office or do you review the work that should be completed the next day?  Do you realistically estimate the time it will take to complete each task and prioritize the tasks by listing the most time sensitive or urgent task first.  Here’s a few tips that you can use for daily planning: Continue reading “Do You Create A Daily Plan?”