Invest in Your Career—Attend Professional Conferences

933988_sDid you know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of administrative professionals gathering throughout the world each year to attend several different professional conferences?

I’ve attended professional conferences annually for nearly two decades, and I’m 100% convinced of their value in moving my skills and career forward. I take my tablet or notepad with me to jot down notes or ideas during the educational sessions and become inspired and excited to return back to work and apply what I have learned. Continue reading “Invest in Your Career—Attend Professional Conferences”

Membership in Professional Associations Builds Bridges

21139673_sBuilding a professional network is critical to your success as a working professional.  The more people you know, the more resources you have available to you, your boss, and your employer.  As much as I love and appreciate Google, Google is NOT the best resource.  Your best resource is the people you have built a relationship with and have sustained over a period of time. 

I have joined multiple professional associations over the last couple of decades. My membership in these associations has given me the opportunity to meet numerous people.  Being a member of a professional association has many advantages. These include: Continue reading “Membership in Professional Associations Builds Bridges”

Don’t Miss IAAP’s Education Forum and Annual Meeting (EFAM) July 26-30


Have you had the opportunity to attend the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Education Forum and Annual Meeting (EFAM)? This extraordinary conference offers administrative professionals worldwide the opportunity to learn, network, and to be inspired. This year IAAP will be holding their international conference July 26-30 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Learn more about EFAM by visiting EFAM 2014.

This year I have the privilege to speak at EFAM 2014 during three sessions. It’s going to be great fun to co-present with my former boss retired CEO and City Manager Ted Gaebler on Monday, July 28 as we share a presentation on the topic of Effective Admin-Manager Relationships: Tips from a Time-Tested Partnership. On Tuesday, July 29, I have the privilege Continue reading “Don’t Miss IAAP’s Education Forum and Annual Meeting (EFAM) July 26-30”

Growing Your Network One-By-One

NetworkingAs a young child, I learned the importance and value of teamwork through playing team sports: basketball, softball, and volleyball. I quickly began to appreciate individual strengths, weaknesses, and the amazing energy created among team members as we worked together towards a common goal.

Later as I began my career as an administrative professional, I remembered the energy and excitement that was created playing team sports. It was the team approach I chose to use as a model to create and establish my own professional network to enhance my career. Continue reading “Growing Your Network One-By-One”