Hire An Intern: Best Decision I Made!

35612820_sWouldn’t it be nice to have an extra set of hands helping in the office?  Internship programs offer employers a unique partnership with local high schools and colleges in helping to train tomorrow’s office professionals.  The reward is a genuine feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping to mentor high school or college students towards career success.

In 2004 I joined the staff of a newly incorporated city.  I was hired as the executive assistant—employee #13.  Within a couple of months of being hired, I knew I needed to hire additional administrative support.  The best way for me to test that hypothesis and gain supervisory experience was through working with interns. Continue reading “Hire An Intern: Best Decision I Made!”

Admin to Admin is Hitting the Road in 2015

RealAdmin to Admin trainers, Lisa Olsen, Linda McFarland, and I, are preparing to hit the road in 2015 to deliver a one-day educational program for administrative professionals who strive for excellence in the workplace.

Our program includes cutting-edge interactive workshops and exercises delivered in an energetic environment that will guarantee to stimulate your thinking. More importantly, the workshops will help you to navigate your career with confidence.

With over 60 combined years of executive support experience Lisa, Linda, and I currently hold positions as executive assistants, corporate trainers, and educators.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join administrative professionals who are looking to increase their potential, grow their network, build strong partnerships with their managers, and improve leadership and communication skills. Continue reading “Admin to Admin is Hitting the Road in 2015”

Act Now…2015 Conferences for Administrative Professionals

22519722_sWondering where to spend your corporate training dollars in 2015?  Don’t have corporate support and/or corporate dollars to spend on training?  Take charge of your professional development today and set aside personal dollars for training to grow your career.

Seeking and embracing opportunities for education and training is critical and necessary to being in the “driver’s seat” of your career.  Do not stay focused on the here and now.  You must plan for your future ahead.  Neglecting professional development is a choice and will only keep your career in “park” or even move it into “reverse.” Continue reading “Act Now…2015 Conferences for Administrative Professionals”

The Celebrity Apprentice—Lessons Learned

Filmed in New York City, Donald Trump has just launched a brand new season of The Celebrity Apprentice.  I love the business-related lessons that can be learned from watching this dynamic television program.

This season 16 celebrities have been selected to compete against one another in business-related team challenges to raise money for charity and to be named this year’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”  Each of the two teams is given the same project, which includes many tasks to be divided among the team members.  The team chooses a project manager, who leads the team throughout the duration of the project.  The celebrities use their leadership and communication skills, business expertise, celebrity status, and professional networks to win challenges.  Upon meeting tight project deadlines, the teams are brought back into a boardroom and evaluated by Donald Trump and his advisors.  In the boardroom, the project manager and individual members of the team must defend their decisions and behaviors. Continue reading “The Celebrity Apprentice—Lessons Learned”

Incorporate Laughter and Fun into Your Workday

santaI realize that I have the choice to add laugh lines or stress lines to my face as I grow older.  I choose laugh lines!

Last Friday, my Heald College employer hosted a holiday celebration and open house for hundreds of attendees:  students, staff, faculty, family, and friends.  It was an absolutely delightful three hours.  The staff did an incredible job planning a social event filled with Christmas caroling, visits with Santa, craft stations, a delicious dessert bar, fascinating tricks by a magician, and short educational workshops.

As the evening progressed, several of the staff and faculty were invited to play musical chairs.  I quickly found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was asked to participate.  Of course, I said, “Yes!” and quickly tried to recall from prior decades how this game was played.

As the chairs were being arranged in a large circle with volunteers starting to come forward to play, I quickly thought to myself “I’m way too old for this!  I hope at 5’10” I don’t come crashing to the ground while colliding with another colleague to sit down in a chair.  Are the people standing around and watching us video recording this?” Continue reading “Incorporate Laughter and Fun into Your Workday”