The Value of Talking with Recruiters

24914608_sWhy do you stay with your employer? Is it the Monday – Friday 9-5 work schedule?  Is it the extra time and resources you have been given to advance your professional development skills?  Do you like your work/life balance (job flexibility)?  Does the commute time benefit your lifestyle?  Is it the job satisfaction that you derive from your work responsibilities?  Does your company’s culture benefit you?  Does your salary allow you to maintain a reasonable lifestyle?

If the responsibilities you hold at work as an administrative professional are anything like mine, we both know that our workdays can be long, and there is little time throughout the day for professional development (That is for the early morning, late evenings, or weekends, right?). Continue reading “The Value of Talking with Recruiters”

The Value of Membership in Professional Organizations

34123188_sAre you aware of the many professional organizations around the globe available for administrative professionals to certify skills, acquire education, receive recognition, participate in leadership roles, and engage in networking opportunities?

If so, what professional organizations do you belong to?  If not, Lucy Brazier, Publisher/Editor/CEO of Executive Secretary Magazine, offers a comprehensive listing of administrative professional organizations on the Executive Secretary Magazine website. Check it out! Continue reading “The Value of Membership in Professional Organizations”

IAAP Summit 2015: A Great Career Investment

11752493_10206941487606679_2182780940483066718_nJuly 2015 offered administrative professionals from around the globe the opportunity to attend the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) signature annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The decision to attend the IAAP Summit 2015 this year was a great career investment.

I am thankful for the IAAP staff, leaders, volunteers, members, and businesses that supported the IAAP Summit 2015. IAAP conferences have proven to be a great source of learning. A special thank you to my co-workers Karin and Kim, who covered for me in the office while I attended this conference.

Through my social media posts, I was able to share events and pictures related to the IAAP Summit 2015 and my travels throughout Louisville, which was informative to my employer, co-workers, family, and friends. Continue reading “IAAP Summit 2015: A Great Career Investment”

Should an Administrative Assistant be on LinkedIn?

I recently reached out to Sandra Clark, a workshop facilitator and coach, to ask her about the importance of using LinkedIn.  A BIG thank you to Sandra for sharing the information in this blog post.

Should an Administrative Assistant be on LinkedIn?  If you don’t have time to read the full blog, I’ll just answer that here–yes, yes and yes!

You are not your job title: link

Administrative Assistant at XYZ Inc.
Administrative Assistant to the CEO

Continue reading “Should an Administrative Assistant be on LinkedIn?”

The Business Card: An Extension of You

17260891_sThe business card is an extension of one’s professional life.  It offers information for business acquaintances to reach you.  The business card communicates your name, company, position, and contact information.  This information is critical and is often times used later to identify and remember you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t have a business card at your fingertips?  In those unexpected moments, many scramble for a piece of paper or even a napkin to write down their contact information.  Try avoiding being in a position where you don’t have a business card by keeping a few business cards with you at all times.

It’s best to buy a quality business card case to keep your business cards clean and in perfect condition.  Keeping your business cards in your wallet or purse over time can damage the card. Continue reading “The Business Card: An Extension of You”