The Value of Talking with Recruiters

24914608_sWhy do you stay with your employer? Is it the Monday – Friday 9-5 work schedule?  Is it the extra time and resources you have been given to advance your professional development skills?  Do you like your work/life balance (job flexibility)?  Does the commute time benefit your lifestyle?  Is it the job satisfaction that you derive from your work responsibilities?  Does your company’s culture benefit you?  Does your salary allow you to maintain a reasonable lifestyle?

If the responsibilities you hold at work as an administrative professional are anything like mine, we both know that our workdays can be long, and there is little time throughout the day for professional development (That is for the early morning, late evenings, or weekends, right?). Continue reading “The Value of Talking with Recruiters”

What Is Your Dream Job?

47553316_sIt took 42 years, but on Saturday, November 21, 2015,  I was sent to high school detention (AKA Saturday School.)  And for what?  To share my insights into career development for 1 ½ – 2 hours with high school students.

During our morning instruction and discussion, I provided each student with a worksheet and asked the students to identify their dream job.  I also asked each student to write answers to the questions on the worksheet.  Some of those questions included: Continue reading “What Is Your Dream Job?”

Show Enthusiasm in Your Job Interview!

24367764_sI have had the opportunity to sit on many job interview panels for employers who are hiring administrative professionals. What have I learned?  A prospective candidate has just seconds to make a good first impression and minutes to persuade an interviewer to consider hiring him/her for the vacant position. There can be many qualified applicants for one position. Therefore, deliberate interview preparation must take place prior to the interview.

From my interviewing experience, it’s not the perfectly rehearsed answer to an interview question that persuades me to recommend a particular candidate. It is finding someone who will be good in the role and can “fit” into the corporate culture that ranks highest on my list when interviewing candidates. It is also important that candidates demonstrate confidence, evidence of skills and experience, and enthusiasm for their career choice.  Work teams, businesses, governments, and customers will be best served hiring candidates who are good at what they do.

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TheLadders: A Resource for Your Career

LaddersIt wasn’t until recently that I learned about the career resource TheLadders. This resource can help grow your career.  The following blog post has been provided for your benefit. Check it out! 

TheLadders is the ally of happy, successful careers. Their services are designed to put professionals back in the driver seat, providing them with the right tools, insights, and connections they need to thrive. Up for a promotion? They are here to support with best-in-class salary insights and negotiating tips. Looking to change jobs? They will leverage recruiters’ search patterns to get an ‘Inside Lead’ on exclusive job listings—often before they’re even posted. No matter what stage professionals are at, TheLadders is dedicated to assisting them in any way possible. Continue reading “TheLadders: A Resource for Your Career”

Should an Administrative Assistant be on LinkedIn?

I recently reached out to Sandra Clark, a workshop facilitator and coach, to ask her about the importance of using LinkedIn.  A BIG thank you to Sandra for sharing the information in this blog post.

Should an Administrative Assistant be on LinkedIn?  If you don’t have time to read the full blog, I’ll just answer that here–yes, yes and yes!

You are not your job title: link

Administrative Assistant at XYZ Inc.
Administrative Assistant to the CEO

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