Every Day is a New Adventure

On January 1, Adventure2016, I kicked off the New Year wanting to experience something new every day for 366 days.  (Yes, it is leap year!)  Why do I want to experience something new?  I’m a creature of routine and habit.  I like what I like, and I stick with it, but not this year!  This year I am committed to having 366 new experiences.

I announced my 2016 adventure on Facebook at the beginning of the year.  Why?  It created accountability, and now my friends and family text, call, and ask:  “What is today’s adventure going to be?”  My reply is “Wait and see.”  Since the beginning of the year, I have been posting my new experiences and pictures daily.  Setting this new goal for 2016 was not the hard part.  The hard part was making the decision I would have 366 new experiences and post daily. Continue reading “Every Day is a New Adventure”

How Confident Are You Talking About Money?

MoneyAs men and women, we all have a different level of understanding and comfort when it comes to talking about money. In some families, money is rarely discussed.  In some college majors, money is rarely studied or learned.

As administrative professionals, we carry a responsibility to help businesses and governments succeed. I believe businesses and governments will be better served by having administrative professionals who can confidently talk about money.

To partner with executives and managers, administrative professionals should want to become more money savvy. This knowledge will help administrative professionals become more confident in having business-related conversations, offering recommendations, and catching errors.  Continue reading “How Confident Are You Talking About Money?”

Why Become MOS Certified?

362935_sWhen I began my career as an administrative professional, the technology I used was simple—a typewriter. The recognized certification at that time was a typing certificate. I remember working with college faculty to obtain a typing certificate to verify my speed and errors on a 5-minute timed writing, which I later used as evidence to demonstrate to a potential employer my typing speed.

With the advances in technology, administrative professionals in today’s workforce need to become more technology savvy. While my typing skills are still relevant as I key text on a keyboard, administrative professionals are using software programs today such as: Microsoft Office, Adobe, QuarkXPress, Visio, WordPerfect, QuickBooks, WordPress, Google Docs, FileMaker Pro, and more. Continue reading “Why Become MOS Certified?”

Back to School (Isn’t Just for Kids)

43411735_sI love this time of year when students are preparing for a new school year. It’s an exciting time filled with anticipation, discovery and learning, and school shopping to pick out new school clothes and supplies.

Since the age of five years old, I can only account for two years that I was not in school as a student or teaching on a college campus. Education has played a significant role in my life both as a student and as an educator.

Over the past year, it has been an exciting adventure to step out of the traditional classroom setting to launch Admin to Admin and A Great Day’s Work, accept speaking engagements and writing assignments, conduct onsite trainings, and serve as a subject matter expert in the way of consulting and coaching. As much as I enjoy working with employers, associations, and administrative professionals, I do miss working with students throughout the academic year. Continue reading “Back to School (Isn’t Just for Kids)”

IAAP Summit 2015: A Great Career Investment

11752493_10206941487606679_2182780940483066718_nJuly 2015 offered administrative professionals from around the globe the opportunity to attend the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) signature annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The decision to attend the IAAP Summit 2015 this year was a great career investment.

I am thankful for the IAAP staff, leaders, volunteers, members, and businesses that supported the IAAP Summit 2015. IAAP conferences have proven to be a great source of learning. A special thank you to my co-workers Karin and Kim, who covered for me in the office while I attended this conference.

Through my social media posts, I was able to share events and pictures related to the IAAP Summit 2015 and my travels throughout Louisville, which was informative to my employer, co-workers, family, and friends. Continue reading “IAAP Summit 2015: A Great Career Investment”