Assessment Tools Can Increase Our Self-Awareness

Recently, I had the opportunity to join assistants at the Executive Assistants Organization (EAO) Educational Retreat held in Carmel, CA, to present a workshop on communication.  What a delightful weekend shared among peers in a beautiful setting.

17658_603118563166076_1024430879622574231_nThe tips and tricks to communicate more effectively shared in this workshop came from the DISC training certification program I attended several years ago with a colleague in Southern California led by Bonnie Burn.  During the DISC training certification program, we learned about a tool that could help individuals to interact more effectively in the workplace.

Do you ever wonder why your boss or coworkers don’t see it your way or do you feel like you are the only person who cares about the details?

Successful administrative professionals know their strengths and know how to work most effectively with others.  They have learned to approach others in different ways by flexing their communication style to meet the needs of the other individual. Continue reading “Assessment Tools Can Increase Our Self-Awareness”

Karlena Rannals Talks Career and IAAP

KarlenaStudio2 0924Most everyone has met someone throughout life they admire.  One of the individuals I admire is a career-minded administrative professional, who has made a difference in so many different ways.  Meet Karlena Rannals, CAP-OM.

I recently had the opportunity to connect with Karlena and asked her a few questions about her career and IAAP.

Tell us about your career as an administrative professional.  Like many in our profession, working in an office environment was not something that I set out to do.  I started out (very young) working the back office at a bank.  I then went to Japan on an accompanied tour with my spouse and ended up working as a secretary.  I was the only American in the office as all others were Japanese nationals.  The Major that I worked for gave me a lot of latitude to make the job meaningful.  When I returned to the U.S., I moved to California.  I went to a temporary agency and landed the assignment at the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District.  That was 33 years ago. Continue reading “Karlena Rannals Talks Career and IAAP”

Who You Are is How You Are: Making Quality Presentations

TBianco_4801_4x6_72-RGBMeet Terri Bianco, former public official, certified trainer, executive coach, facilitator, and published author.  I reached out to Terri last month and asked if she would share some of her professional training insights with you.  She agreed. Here’s what she said.

In my work as a trainer, I stand before groups of people and “present.” I present knowledge, facilitate activities, talk through PowerPoint slides. It’s my work, and I love it.

I’ve heard that giving a speech before an audience causes great fear, just below the fear of dying. I guess I can see that. Many years at Toastmasters® cured that for me. And I’m also a natural-born ham!  In thinking about the act of presenting, however, I realize that you and I are presenting all the time. We’re just not necessarily on stage, but we are delivering to an audience nonetheless. Anyone who answers a phone, composes an email, answers questions from customers, gives reports at meetings, or counsels a coworker is “presenting.” Continue reading “Who You Are is How You Are: Making Quality Presentations”

Are You Stuck in the Past?

9278558_sBy the end of 2014, I will have reported directly to five different executives/managers in a 12-month period of time while being employed simultaneously by two employers.  Did you get that–FIVE different executives/managers!  That’s a lot of change for one employee to wrap his/her arms around.  It can be somewhat tricky figuring out how to work effectively for so many different incredible people in a lifetime let alone in one calendar year.

I don’t profess to be an expert in organizational leadership and change, but I do know that my goal this year has been to support change, move forward, and thrive.    I have chosen to remember the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future.  Here’s what I have learned through deliberate, purposeful reflection over the past 10 months. Continue reading “Are You Stuck in the Past?”

Are You Using Meetings To Get Noticed?

15404366_sWhether you are a presenter or a participant, meetings offer employees the opportunity to get noticed.  What meetings are you sitting in?  Who is sitting in those meetings?  If you have not given meeting attendance and participation careful and strategic thought, now is the time.

Meetings are a critical operation of business.  What’s interesting about meetings is that we can learn more by listening than talking.  However, if we remain silent and continue to sit in silence, our thoughts, contributions, and ideas are not shared or noticed among our co-workers.

From this point forward, I would like to encourage you to think differently about meetings. Continue reading “Are You Using Meetings To Get Noticed?”