Introducing Clever Gift Giving By Sugarwish

Sugarwish1Oh Marvelous Goodies (OMG!) Have you heard of Sugarwish?  Sugarwish offers a clever gift for just about anyone:  employee, client, family member, or friend.

Sugarwish flips the rewards and recognition process upside down by allowing the recipient to choose their gift. Yet, it doesn’t feel at all impersonal. In fact, the beautifully designed virtual Sugarwish candy store makes the gift-giving process feel even more personal. Gift giving has never been so easy!  You send a custom, branded e-card to the recipient who deserves some recognition, and they get to go candy shopping in a Sugarwish store (on your dime, of course). It’s a wonderful way to treat others to a shopping spree that won’t break your bank. Continue reading “Introducing Clever Gift Giving By Sugarwish”