Why I Work . . .

Why I work2Why do I work? I was born into a family of love, not money. Out of necessity I work, and I work by choice as an administrative professional.  I love what I do.  Don’t you?

For most working professionals, we will spend more time at work than at home. Our workplace will become our second home, and our coworkers will become our extended family.  The decision about what we do for a career, who we work for, and who we work with is important.  In fact, these decisions are critical to our overall happiness and success. Continue reading “Why I Work . . .”

Dear Future Administrative Professionals

Administrative ProfessionalDear Future Administrative Professionals,

You are about to embark on what could be one of the most exciting careers in your lifetime—the career of the administrative professional.

As you prepare for the road ahead, remember to never lose who you are in the months and years to come. Be mindful of your values, and don’t lose sight of who you hope to become. Be a friend to everyone around you by creating and nurturing relationships as people will be your greatest asset. Be confident and thoughtful in your speech. Support and build up your fellow administrative professional colleagues. Choose to be happy each day at work, and you will radiate a passion for the important work you do. Continue reading “Dear Future Administrative Professionals”

Don’t Miss the Deadlines: Recognition for Administrative Professionals

timeIt’s time to nominate an extraordinary administrative professional or yourself (don’t be shy) for one or more of these upcoming administrative professional awards.

Employees who are recognized for their accomplishments and abilities often times enjoy greater career satisfaction.  Becoming an award-winning administrative professional can also boost your credibility.  Awards can offer you something new to add to your LinkedIn profile, social media posts, and resume. Continue reading “Don’t Miss the Deadlines: Recognition for Administrative Professionals”

The Salary of the Administrative Professional

PaycheckShould you discuss your salary with your coworkers? Probably not. Most people tend to avoid the topic of salary either because it is against company policy or people are afraid of hurting the feelings of coworkers. Few private companies are transparent in what they pay their employees.

Do you know the latest compensation trends for administrative professionals? If not, OfficeTeam has prepared The 2015 Administrative Salary Guide for you to use as a reference. The 2015 Administrative Salary Guide is an informative publication filled with helpful information to help guide businesses and administrative professionals to understand the latest compensation trends. Continue reading “The Salary of the Administrative Professional”

What Can You Contribute?

23982116_sIn many workplaces throughout the United States this week, we honor administrative professionals for their career choices and the valuable contributions they make daily to support their employers.  Over the next several months similar attention will be given to recognize administrative professionals who live in other countries throughout the world.

As I look at printed calendars within the United States and flip from month to month, I find that there is only one profession that is recognized—Administrative Professionals Day.  This celebration occurs annually the last full week of April.  Administrative Professionals Day is the Wednesday of that week.  How thankful I am to serve in a position that receives both national and worldwide recognition. Continue reading “What Can You Contribute?”