Do You Have the Desire for Learning and Growth?

A person who wants to grow needs a desire to learn. On a scale of 1-10, what’s your desire for learning?

Now, take a moment to do a job search for positions you would be interested in considering now or in the near future. Read about the qualities of the ideal candidate. Are you equipped with the work experience, skills, and qualities desired by the employer? Do you feel you are lacking in some key areas? Do you believe your cover letter and resume would be pulled by the Human Resources staff to schedule an interview among the hundreds of applicants? Continue reading “Do You Have the Desire for Learning and Growth?”

Why Not Stand Out?

There are millions of administrative professionals throughout the world doing what you do each day. Are you pushing yourself to stand out to become indispensable?  Or are you settling to blend in with the others in your office or perhaps even worse desiring to go unnoticed?

What projects, tasks, programs, or relationships are you driving forward each day in your workplace? What did you make happen yesterday?  What did you make happen today?  What more can you still make happen today before your workday end?  Seek the desire to live each day in a forward motion. Continue reading “Why Not Stand Out?”

Don’t Wish for a Satisfying Career, Work for It!

50243243_sIf I were given the chance to change my career, would I?  No!  Why?  Working and serving in my role as an administrative professional makes me happy.  In fact the happiness I feel in my role is somewhat magical and brings joy to my life.

Working as an administrative professional gives me the opportunity to meet new people.  It challenges me to learn new technologies.  It also stretches me to accept and seek new work assignments.  The career of the administrative professional can be far from glamorous; however, the work is necessary, diverse, and important!  Even with the challenges of scheduling meetings, managing email, participating on teams, coordinating travel, and meeting critical deadlines–it’s all worth it!

I grew up with a typewriter and taking handwritten notes. As technology advanced, I learned to use a computer and eventually took computer application classes.  Does anyone remember WordPerfect 5.1?  Oh, how technology has evolved over the years. Continue reading “Don’t Wish for a Satisfying Career, Work for It!”

Introducing Clever Gift Giving By Sugarwish

Sugarwish1Oh Marvelous Goodies (OMG!) Have you heard of Sugarwish?  Sugarwish offers a clever gift for just about anyone:  employee, client, family member, or friend.

Sugarwish flips the rewards and recognition process upside down by allowing the recipient to choose their gift. Yet, it doesn’t feel at all impersonal. In fact, the beautifully designed virtual Sugarwish candy store makes the gift-giving process feel even more personal. Gift giving has never been so easy!  You send a custom, branded e-card to the recipient who deserves some recognition, and they get to go candy shopping in a Sugarwish store (on your dime, of course). It’s a wonderful way to treat others to a shopping spree that won’t break your bank. Continue reading “Introducing Clever Gift Giving By Sugarwish”

The Value of Membership in Professional Organizations

34123188_sAre you aware of the many professional organizations around the globe available for administrative professionals to certify skills, acquire education, receive recognition, participate in leadership roles, and engage in networking opportunities?

If so, what professional organizations do you belong to?  If not, Lucy Brazier, Publisher/Editor/CEO of Executive Secretary Magazine, offers a comprehensive listing of administrative professional organizations on the Executive Secretary Magazine website. Check it out! Continue reading “The Value of Membership in Professional Organizations”