Understanding the Value of Education

874ef2ba7c811682eda8b393253c7539For many across the United States, it is Spring Break.  Spring Break tends to be a break in the last semester or quarter of the academic year typically around Easter and before the Summer Break.  Usually about this time each year, I’m on a cruise with my sister, Michele, and we sail far, far away (usually to the Caribbean).  However, this year we decided to stay closer to home for a variety of reasons.

Spring Break this year has been spent preparing for a new college term and classes begin the week of April 21.  Four times throughout the year, I spend many hours and several days planning the quarter, preparing syllabi, reading textbooks, and preparing my lesson plans for the first week of classes.  This time of the year is a new beginning for students, staff, and faculty.  It’s a fun time with lots of anticipation! 

To stay competitive in today’s 21st century global workplace it’s important to seek educational opportunities and to understand its value.  Getting a degree or certification can assist each of us in a variety of ways such as:

  • Increase employability
  • Increase earning potential (who doesn’t want that?)
  • Consistent employment
  • Knowledge to advance your career
  • Self-confidence (we all need this)
  • Adding degrees, certifications, or skills to a resume

Consider and explore new educational opportunities.  Don’t hesitate talking with your employer to see how they can support you in your educational goals. 

Education and learning are important to me.  Since high school, I have enrolled as a student at five different colleges and received four college degrees.  I have been employed as a faculty member by three colleges, and I have worked as an administrative professional at two colleges.  Being on a college campus each day is fun!

Next week I will meet 120+ new students entering my classes for the first time ready to acquire new skills and to pursue their career dreams.  I love to see and feel the positive energy when individuals are working towards academic and career success.  This past week I’ve been reading The Secrets of College Success by Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S. Hyman.  This book reveals over 600 tips and tricks for students to achieve academic success.  Little by little I’m going to sprinkle these tips throughout my lesson plans over the next few weeks.  I want each student to be successful!

I wish my students the very best this quarter and cannot wait to hear their stories about entering the workplace as an administrative professional!