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23185112_sA mobile app, shortened to refer to the word  application, is a computer program that will run on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.  Apps are available for download on the device (often times for free) typically through the owner of the mobile operating system (i.e. Apple App Store, Google Play, etc.).

With the rising popularity of individuals downloading apps, the world is seeing a shift towards an increase in mobile computing.  Mobile apps are a HUGE timesaver for working professionals.  Check out these mobile apps (may not be available on all mobile operating systems):

30/30 – To Do List app
Accuweather – Weather app
CallPlease – The perfect app for the executive/manager and assistant to manage calls.
Dropbox – A definite cloud storage program.
Evernote – A phenomenal app for combining notes and lists.
EZ Tip Calculator – Figure out the correct tip with this great app
Facebook – Social networking app
Fandango – Movie app (Renew your energy taking a break at the movies.)
Flashlight – Who doesn’t need a flashlight on occasion.  A definite app download.
FlightTrack – Travel app
Genius Scan – Allows you to take photos of documents and turn them into a PDF
Google Translate – Language translation app
Hot5 – Fitness app
LinkedIn – Social networking app
LogMeIn – Allows full access to your desktop computer from your smartphone.
OpenTable – Restaurant reservation app
Mirror – You gotta have a mirror when you are on the go.  A definite app download.
SleepBot – Health app to track your sleep pattern including motion and sound.
Southwest Airlines – Travel app
TravelZoo – Travel app
TripIt – Travel app
Uber – Transportation and car service app
Waze – GPS Navigation app
Wunderlist – Every admins must have “list app” used to compile lists, add comments, share with others, and set reminders.

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  1. I just found your site today and enjoy all the resources. On this particular post about mobile apps, maybe you could link to the app’s download page(s) in Google Play and/or the App Store?

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