Technology Devices—Are They Making You More Productive or Making You More Distracted?

23185112_sIn today’s world of technology gadgets, there are more technology devices available to us than ever before. These devices can be both helpful and make us more efficient, but on the other hand, they can also create many distractions if we don’t manage them properly. Are you managing your technology or is your technology managing you?

Technology devices (smartphones, tablets, iPods, laptops, and so forth) can be extremely valuable tools if managed properly. Here are some tips for managing your technology: Continue reading “Technology Devices—Are They Making You More Productive or Making You More Distracted?”

Take Your Work Partnership to the Next Level!

Ted and StacyI’m delighted to have been asked by OfficeTeam, the leading staffing agency specializing in placing highly skilled administrative professionals, to be a contributor on their corporate blog site.  Specifically, I was asked to write about my 10-year work partnership with Ted Gaebler, retired CEO/City Manager for the City of Rancho Cordova, California.  The article is titled “My Advice from an Admin: How You Can Improve Collaboration With Your Boss.” 

Work partnerships are critical to today’s workplace. It’s my belief that the CEO/Manager and administrative professional work partnership is one of the most important work partnerships that exist in business today. Today’s most effective work partnerships are team-oriented and collaborative as compared to the older more traditional model of an unbalanced work relationship.

If you haven’t already read Building A Partnership With Your Boss  by Jerry Wisinski, I would definitely recommend reading this informative book filled with great advice and ideas on how to build and strengthen your work partnerships. I have loaned this book to more executives, managers, and administrative professionals than any other book I own. Continue reading “Take Your Work Partnership to the Next Level!”

Think Like A Boss When Scheduling Meetings

8149460_sExecutives/Managers can have many demands placed upon them each day.  These demands can range anywhere from in-person meetings, national/international travel, social business gatherings, deal negotiations, phone calls/emails, and many more.  An executive/manager’s time needs to be respected and not undervalued. When scheduling meetings for your boss, think like a boss.  Continue reading “Think Like A Boss When Scheduling Meetings”

Understanding the Value of Education

874ef2ba7c811682eda8b393253c7539For many across the United States, it is Spring Break.  Spring Break tends to be a break in the last semester or quarter of the academic year typically around Easter and before the Summer Break.  Usually about this time each year, I’m on a cruise with my sister, Michele, and we sail far, far away (usually to the Caribbean).  However, this year we decided to stay closer to home for a variety of reasons. Continue reading “Understanding the Value of Education”