What Can You Contribute?

23982116_sIn many workplaces throughout the United States this week, we honor administrative professionals for their career choices and the valuable contributions they make daily to support their employers.  Over the next several months similar attention will be given to recognize administrative professionals who live in other countries throughout the world.

As I look at printed calendars within the United States and flip from month to month, I find that there is only one profession that is recognized—Administrative Professionals Day.  This celebration occurs annually the last full week of April.  Administrative Professionals Day is the Wednesday of that week.  How thankful I am to serve in a position that receives both national and worldwide recognition. Continue reading “What Can You Contribute?”

Admin to Admin is Hitting the Road in 2015

RealAdmin to Admin trainers, Lisa Olsen, Linda McFarland, and I, are preparing to hit the road in 2015 to deliver a one-day educational program for administrative professionals who strive for excellence in the workplace.

Our program includes cutting-edge interactive workshops and exercises delivered in an energetic environment that will guarantee to stimulate your thinking. More importantly, the workshops will help you to navigate your career with confidence.

With over 60 combined years of executive support experience Lisa, Linda, and I currently hold positions as executive assistants, corporate trainers, and educators.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join administrative professionals who are looking to increase their potential, grow their network, build strong partnerships with their managers, and improve leadership and communication skills. Continue reading “Admin to Admin is Hitting the Road in 2015”

21st Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence

Capture3This past week I had the opportunity to attend the 21st Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence in Las Vegas, NV, hosted by Joan Burge, Jasmine Freeman, Michele Clucas, and other members of the Office Dynamics International team.  What a delightful team of professionals.

This event was a spectacular educational conference with nearly 200 administrative professionals in attendance. Office Dynamics International offers opportunities for certification, training, education, and more. Continue reading “21st Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence”

Meet RoseMarie, Former Assistant to John F. Kennedy, Jr.

20140606_190440-2Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work and visit with RoseMarie Terenzio, John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s executive assistant from 1994 to 1999. RoseMarie is now the founder of RMT PR Management, a public relations and talent management firm in New York City.

It was a pleasure to connect with RoseMarie again this past weekend at Behind Every Leader in the Silicon Valley.  She’s absolutely delightful to talk with in person.

In a recent interview, I asked RoseMarie to share some highlights of her career working with John.

1.  You worked as the executive assistant to John F. Kennedy, Jr.  Wow!  Tell us what it was like to support John?  Being John’s EA was an amazing experience.  Every day was different, and I learned so much about media, publishing, and most of all integrity.  Continue reading “Meet RoseMarie, Former Assistant to John F. Kennedy, Jr.”

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

imagesCA0IXM2IAcross North America today, April 23, 2014, the spotlight will be on the administrative professional.  Why?  It’s Administrative Professionals Day!  Thank goodness for men and women who step into these critical careers to support leaders, managers, and businesses across the world.  Here’s some interesting facts about Administrative Professionals Day.  Did you know?   Continue reading “Happy Administrative Professionals Day!”