How Curious Are You? Start With Why!

Posted by Stacy on August 18, 2014

12952942_sWhen was the last time you made a conscious effort to review what you do while identifying both why and how you do it?

Jeff Hoffman, co-founder of, is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He encourages his audiences across the world to question why. In 2013, I ranked Jeff as my No. 1 favorite motivational speaker. Having had the opportunity to hear Jeff again this year, he is currently tied with Jason Dorsey to be my No. 1 favorite motivational speaker for 2014. On a side note, congratulations to Jeff on his recent publication Scale now available through Amazon.

20140809_112416-1Each time I hear Jeff present, I walk away with pages filled with notes and ideas. Jeff encourages his audiences to never stop learning and to never stop exploring. One of my favorite stories told by Jeff is the day he spent with his five-year-old niece. Jeff’s niece questioned everything, and I mean everything around her! Click here to read a tender moment shared by Jeff as he learns from his young niece.

After hearing Jeff speak a little over a week ago, a colleague recommended that I read the book Start With Why  by Simon Sinek. You can take a sneak peak of Simon’s TED Talk here.

Both Jeff and Simon share one clear message, start with why.
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Inside Scoop on the Behind Every Leader Conference

Posted by Stacy on August 14, 2014

12449107_sWhen Victoria Louise-Rabin launched Behind Every Leader (BEL) just a couple of years ago, I was intrigued and interested to attend the first Behind Every Leader conference in Anaheim, CA.  Having attended other professional development conferences for decades, I was fascinated by her two-day program.  Having now attended not one but three Behind Every Leader conferences I continue to be captivated by her speaker selection.

In addition to hearing experienced trainers and speakers such as Julie Perrine, Melba Duncan, Jeff Hoffman, Lisa Olsen, Sandy Geroux, Sue France, Lucy Brazier, and Bonnie Low-Kramen, Victoria has been fearless in seeking out and encouraging top administrative professionals from across the globe to share their stories.  Kudos to Victoria for doing an incredible job pulling remarkable administrative professionals away from their desks and offices to talk about their journey and lessons learned along their career path.
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Meet RoseMarie, Former Assistant to John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Posted by Stacy on August 11, 2014

20140606_190440-2Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work and visit with RoseMarie Terenzio, John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s executive assistant from 1994 to 1999. RoseMarie is now the founder of RMT PR Management, a public relations and talent management firm in New York City. 

It was a pleasure to connect with RoseMarie again this past weekend at Behind Every Leader in the Silicon Valley.  She’s absolutely delightful to talk with in person.

In a recent interview, I asked RoseMarie to share some highlights of her career working with John. 

1.  You worked as the executive assistant to John F. Kennedy, Jr.  Wow!  Tell us what it was like to support John?  Being John’s EA was an amazing experience.  Every day was different, and I learned so much about media, publishing, and most of all integrity. 
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Your Personal Elevator Speech–Got One?

Posted by Stacy on August 7, 2014

601033_sWe each have just seconds to make a great first impression.  How are you spending those initial seconds when meeting someone for the first time?  Have you prepared in advance a personal elevator speech?

Imagine for a moment you are seated at a table for a business social gathering or fundraiser, and you are seated next to a celebrity, the CEO, one of the board of directors, or a wealthy investor.   Again, imagine for a moment that you just stepped into an elevator for a job interview, and the CEO of the company is standing right next to you. What do you say? What do you do? Perhaps, the most comfortable reaction is to turn the other way or start pretending to be engaged in work on your smartphone.   However, what would happen if we always had a well-thought-out, short 30-60 second elevator speech prepared to seize opportunities to introduce ourselves and make a great first impression.
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Invite: Join Admin to Admin on October 10, in Palo Alto, CA

Posted by Stacy on August 4, 2014

RealLaunched in California, Admin to Admin is an innovative one-day training program created for administrative professionals who want to explore the possibilities for their careers.

With over 60 combined years of experience, presenters Lisa, Linda, and I currently hold positions as executive assistants, corporate trainers, speakers, educators, and bloggers. We invite you to join us for a day of professional education and conversation admin to admin. In addition to hearing from not one, not two, but three presenters, a specially selected keynote speaker will also be joining the program and is sure to inspire and motivate you.
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