Teamwork Starts With You!

Posted by Stacy on September 18, 2014

9765612_sSince birth we have had opportunities to be a part of a team whether that team was your immediate family, a sports team, a work team, or a classroom team. We are given numerous opportunities throughout life to work in teams and to learn how to build strong working relationships. Some of us tend to embrace these team opportunities while others run as though we are being chased by a swarm of bees.

Teamwork in the workplace offers employees the opportunity to become more familiar with one another. True teams learn to rely on each other, communicate well with one another, and create mutual accountability.
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College Education—Is There Still Value in Earning a Degree?

Posted by Stacy on September 15, 2014

15886076_sThe cost of a college education has continued to increase over the years. I should know I have four college degrees and have taught classes at three different colleges.

Some argue that the college degree is the new high school diploma while others argue that professional work experience is more important than a college degree. For many people higher education is believed to be unattainable because of the expected investment of time and/or cost.

With the evolution of technology over the years and the abundance of opportunities for online learning, what does college really teach us that we cannot learn on YouTube, Google, reading books, or in some other way?
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Rock Star EA’s Help their Executives Travel Smart

Posted by Stacy on September 12, 2014

Image converted using ImgCvtBooking travel arrangements for your Executive can be a nightmare. For example, an Executive has meetings in Atlanta, Tokyo, London, and Berlin all within a 7-day span. Normally this requires hours of research and coordination with multiple airlines and ground transportation companies. The result is often a travel schedule wrought with layovers, airline changes, and odd flight times. This can leave your Executive feeling frustrated and exhausted – definitely not the shape you want them to be in when they return from their trip. Luckily, there is a better way to arrange travel that will make you look like the rock star assistant you are.

Not only does private aircraft travel for business make scheduling a breeze, it allows for increased productivity during the journey. Private jets are often equipped with on-board WiFi and dedicated spaces to allow for meetings during the flight. Imagine your Executive team prepping for a big meeting en-route to their destination. In fact, studies have shown companies that use private charter showed better financial results than companies that used traditional travel. 
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5 Rules for Creating WOW Experiences in the Workplace

Posted by Stacy on September 9, 2014

14991746_sCreating WOW experiences is what motivational speaker Sandy Geroux is committed to helping you deliver in the workplace.  Recently, I asked Sandy to share her insights about WOW experiences, and this is what she had to say.

“There are many ways to create WOW experiences. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not simply about creating flashy products and services that produce fleeting impact, then are gone. True WOWs are found in small, everyday acts that create lasting impact on everyone around us. And we all know that it’s what we do every day to be the absolute best we can be—and get the absolute best out of our people—that makes the big WOWS possible.

As leaders in the workplace, administrative professionals are usually right in the hot seat and have an incredible opportunity to influence and impact everyone in the organization.
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How Would You Rate Your Customer Service Delivery in the Workplace?

Posted by Stacy on September 3, 2014

10337420_sThere are many companies known throughout the world for their exceptional customer service. Those companies include: Trader Joes, Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, Nordstrom, American Express, Walt Disney, Southwest Airlines, Amazon, FedEx, and many others.  Not only do these companies have structures and processes in place to deliver exceptional customer service, the employees are committed to serving their customers.

Administrative professionals have the opportunity each day to “Wow!“ their customers. Do you deliver exceptional customer service to both internal and external employees? How would you rate your customer service delivery in the workplace?
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