Are You Promoting Your Accomplishments?

Posted by Stacy on October 31, 2014

If I work hard, people will notice. If I skip my vacation this year, my manager will reward my commitment to the team.  Surely management has noticed that I am the first one to arrive to work in the morning, and the last one to leave in the evening.  My boss knows everything that I do for him/her throughout the day. The executive team knows who the A+ players are in the workplace.  Do you believe these office myths?  I hope the answer is NO!

13323055_mIn today’s workplace, workers cannot be passive, shy, and reluctant to share their accomplishments and successes. Today’s workforce needs to share their accomplishments and successes with managers, peers, and through social media regularly.  It is through sharing information that we are able to be in the driver’s seat of our career path.  Do not wait for the annual review period because you may not get the chance because of economic downturns, layoffs, manager reassignments, and company reorganizations.
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Computer Software Programs—How Many Do You Know Well?

Posted by Stacy on October 27, 2014

1432205_sThere are many different software programs that exist in today’s Information Age. How many do you know well?

In today’s high-tech global economy, users have 24-hour hands-on computing access that enables us to increase productivity. These software programs are now available on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

How are you keeping up with the advancement and upgrades of software and learning new software programs? Do you wait for your employer to make the leap to upgrade technology?  Do you take the initiative to keep your skills current and relative in today’s high-tech global economy by taking courses or upgrading your personal computer software?
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Mistakes Happen—How You React Is Up To You

Posted by Stacy on October 20, 2014

10302064_s“How could you have missed that typo?” “What do you mean no lunch has arrived for today’s board meeting?” “I have a flight in just minutes. Why has my passport expired?” Mistakes and accidents happen in and out of the workplace each day. How you react is up to you.

Over the years I have made a conscious effort to gain knowledge, seek experience, learn from mistakes and the mistakes of others, observe intently, and learn skills that will help prepare me in my career as an executive assistant. I believe this chosen career has better equipped me to calmly handle unexpected surprises, mistakes, and accidents that occur not only in the workplace but also in life.
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Lifelong Learning—What Did You Learn Today?

Posted by Stacy on October 13, 2014

29170680_sEvery day offers a new opportunity to learn something new. What new information or skill have you learned recently?

Employers place tremendous value on employees who have curiosity and ask questions to seek out information. Lifelong learning can make us more interesting as human beings, more valuable as employees, and more respected as citizens as we contribute to society.

Employers are seeking employees who can problem-solve, think critically, and communicate effectively.  How are you developing and improving these skills?
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Making Your Online Presence Work for YOU!

Posted by Stacy on October 8, 2014

reputationHow are you using social media technologies to create a powerful online presence? Social media technologies continue to be a chosen communication tool used by many professionals. However, what’s missing with the launch of these online technologies is a good guide on how to best use these technologies effectively. Individuals and professionals seem to be left on their own to determine what to share, what to post, and what to tweet.

Over the years, I have studied and read dozens of books related to social media technologies, completed a master’s thesis and project related to this topic, and given numerous presentations on “Social Media: The Do’s and Don’ts of Branding Your Online Image.” What I have learned is that people generally communicate with good intensions, but are simply uninformed on how to best use these communication tools.
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