Lifelong Learning—What Did You Learn Today?

Posted by Stacy on October 13, 2014

29170680_sEvery day offers a new opportunity to learn something new. What new information or skill have you learned recently?

Employers place tremendous value on employees who have curiosity and ask questions to seek out information. Lifelong learning can make us more interesting as human beings, more valuable as employees, and more respected as citizens as we contribute to society.

Employers are seeking employees who can problem-solve, think critically, and communicate effectively.  How are you developing and improving these skills?
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Making Your Online Presence Work for YOU!

Posted by Stacy on October 8, 2014

reputationHow are you using social media technologies to create a powerful online presence? Social media technologies continue to be a chosen communication tool used by many professionals. However, what’s missing with the launch of these online technologies is a good guide on how to best use these technologies effectively. Individuals and professionals seem to be left on their own to determine what to share, what to post, and what to tweet.

Over the years, I have studied and read dozens of books related to social media technologies, completed a master’s thesis and project related to this topic, and given numerous presentations on “Social Media: The Do’s and Don’ts of Branding Your Online Image.” What I have learned is that people generally communicate with good intensions, but are simply uninformed on how to best use these communication tools.
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21st Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence

Posted by Stacy on October 5, 2014

Capture3This past week I had the opportunity to attend the 21st Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence in Las Vegas, NV, hosted by Joan Burge, Jasmine Freeman, Michele Clucas, and other members of the Office Dynamics International team.  What a delightful team of professionals.

This event was a spectacular educational conference with nearly 200 administrative professionals in attendance. Office Dynamics International offers opportunities for certification, training, education, and more.
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Money: What Men and Women Need To Know

Posted by Stacy on September 30, 2014

14877304_sLet’s talk about money. Chances are if you don’t have a good understanding of money:  how to manage it, how to save it, and how to grow it, you will take those same money management skills and behaviors with you into the workplace.  Would you run a business the same way you run your personal finances?  Many of you might say “yes,” and others may say “no.”

I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power. As an administrative professional supporting executives and managers, it’s essential that we understand money so we can better partner with our bosses in the workplace.  They often times have budgets to oversee, revenue goals to meet, and expenses to monitor.
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Change—Freak Out or Accept It and Enjoy the Journey? It’s a Choice!

Posted by Stacy on September 25, 2014

9673439_sReality is…change is inevitable! We can choose to resist change, or we can choose to accept it.  There are precious “opportunity” nuggets spread throughout our lives.  Because of fear and/or uncertainty we can sometimes lose our way personalizing necessary and timely changes that help organizations and people move forward.

If we prepare and choose to embrace change, we can be better equipped to accept it verses resist it. In an effort to prepare for many of the changes that have taken place in my life over the past several months, I have purposefully and intentionally prepared myself to embrace change by reading about change, innovation, attitude, and adaptability.
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