Five Practices To Reduce Stress and Optimize Your Time

Posted by Stacy on March 5, 2015

KimberlyMeet Kimberly Wiefling, Global Business Leadership Consultant, Internationally Published Author, Transformational Facilitator and Coach, and Force of Nature . . . the GOOD kind!  Kimberly helps organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. How? By turning managers into leaders and groups of people into real teams.

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to connect with Kimberly during a one day educational program hosted by Admin to Admin. I recently reached out to Kimberly and asked if she would share some of her insights with you.  She agreed.  Here are five practices to help you reduce stress and optimize how you use your time.

PROBLEM: I have twice as much work as I have hours in the day. No matter how hard I work I’m always behind. Help!

RESPONSE: I know how you feel! There will always be more work than time, so being “behind” is kind of normal. These five practices will help you reduce your stress and optimize how you use your time. READ MORE

Image: Dress Your Best Each Day

Posted by Stacy on March 3, 2015

28133512_sI love this quote “Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.”

You have just seconds to make a positive impression.  Your image communicates a message about you—both positively and negatively.

Books are judged by their covers, and people are judged by the way they present themselves.  Administrative professionals are a direct extension of their executive, manager, and employer.  The impact of your image is important to your career success.

When people look good, they tend to feel good.  When people feel good, they increase their confidence towards success.  Are you taking the time to dress up each day? READ MORE

Hustling vs. Drifting in Your Career

Posted by Stacy on February 27, 2015

18300071_sThroughout our careers, we have many choices and opportunities available to us.  Do we seize them?  Do we seek them?  Do we create them?  Or do we get stuck not knowing what to choose and choose nothing?

Often times too many choices and opportunities can lead to indecisiveness, and indecisiveness can lead to choosing absolutely nothing.  We make no decisions and start drifting.

Do you feel like you’re hustling or drifting in your career?

Professionals who focus and can limit distractions will have more time available in the day to complete work assignments, work towards professional goals, and will seize the day versus waste the day.  Each new day is a gift and quite frankly we don’t know how many new days we have in front of us. READ MORE

Meet The Audacious Admin Debbi Shaffer

Posted by Stacy on February 23, 2015

ShafferDebbi-44004-13-wMeet Senior Executive Assistant and Founder of Audacious Admin Debbi Shaffer.

This month I reached out to Debbi and asked if she would share her administrative professional career journey with you.  She agreed.

Debbi and I both share a passion for sharing educational resources with administrative professionals.  I am convinced that you will find value in connecting with Debbi.  She’s a committed leader within the administrative professional profession.  What Debbi has accomplished is impressive!

Tell us about your administrative professional career journey.

I stumbled upon my career as an executive assistant. I was a concierge until the recession in the early 90s when my job was cut from the hotel where I was based. For the next several years, I was a waitress/bartender until I moved to California in the late 90s. When I arrived in San Diego, I accepted a temporary job offer as a receptionist at an asset management firm just to bring in some money while I looked for a job. One month later I was supporting the Vice President of the firm. A short time later he left to start his own firm and took me with him. I supported him for the next eight years until my return to the Washington, DC area. I’ve held some fascinating positions supporting senior executives at executive search, architecture, marketing, and government consulting firms. READ MORE

Indispensable Assistants: Stay Focused, Calm, and Productive

Posted by Stacy on February 17, 2015

8036438_sNone of us knows how we will handle a situation until the situation is “real.”  We can plan, practice, role-play, and anticipate, but until the situation hits us head on we don’t know how we will respond as the emotion of a situation can create confusion.

Do you have a reputation in the workplace for staying calm and reassuring others when they become upset or unsettled?

Through reading leadership books and partnering with CEOs for nearly two decades, I have learned the importance of distancing myself from situations temporarily to gain perspective and to not take things so personal.  I work hard to not create or dwell in chaos by constantly trying to look ahead at the “big picture.”  I choose to be more strategic, explore different routes, and seek to find the best solution. READ MORE